Monday, 28 September 2009

Thursday, 24 September 2009

You're So Great

To start the day...

...And I feel the light
In the night and in the day
And I feel the light
When the skys just mud and grey
And I feel the light
When you tell me its ok
Cos you're so great, and I LOVE YOU...

You, Summer, I

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Boots Water Disposable Camera

My 15 years old sister, Bellaray took a colour underwater disposable camera from Boots with her to our family trip to Southern Spain. These are the best four shots out of 24. Unfortunately the camera broke half way. I decided to play around with them and turned them into black and white...

I'm hooked on underwater photography...

'...the tide is rising...'

Sea World


'...a glowing world of light poured into water, of silver clarity and dim, depthless mystery…'

I have carried on a love affair with black and white photography all my life and this series of black and white under water photography is by far the most stunning thing I have ever seen. SPEECHLESS. 

Jackson Holmes

This is a video my friend, Jackson Holmes made using old Polaroids that was taken every 2 weeks from the age of zero till the age of twelve. His father 'forced' him to go outside to take the photo, until he begged him to stop 'embarrassing' him. 

Big mistake.