Wednesday, 27 May 2009


This series of colour photographs is personal project I am in the middle of doing. Following my 14 years old sister and her friends around London. To me, they look the picture of innocence, but are they really? Here is a young girl's tale of being a teenager...

 "...Now I'm sat at my desk writing this and thinking what to say about teenage life. Apart from the fact that when you have a good period - it's a fucking good period and the rest is all a bunch of weekends spent lieing in your best ability to your parents about where you are when it’s one in the morning and you pretty fucked..

Being a teenager feels like being trapped inside a body you didn’t ask for and we’re simply cursed with because why do you, somebody who doesn’t deserve the sitaution have to compare yourself to everybody esle? Feeling like the biggest lump of shit and then every now and then you get this burst of good lighting and clear skin and your like DAMN GIRL, I’M FLY. (Few and far apart these out bursts though)

I think I just want to stay this age forever , getting older, having to pay taxes, do work, be sensible, commit to people and learn to find ‘yourself’ – seems to much for my mind to take and it feels like when i get there my mind would combust, only time will tell. 

Being grounded for three months and 11 days felt like the biggest, most isolated place to be. I would love to say it taught me to never smoke weed again or to hide it better but nothing has changed. I just do the same things and not even subtler. I would love to say that it taught me a life lesson and that now I’ve turned my whole life around and stopped hanging around with the ‘stoners’ how ‘pushed’ me into it in the first place but I haven’t and to be honest, who really really ever forces you, into doing what you don’t want? Although, I suppose they’re is a bit of peer pressure lingering around. I guess you just want to fit best. 

My first pull. It was uttterly cringe and my best friend at the time was in the room, it was pitch black and he was atleast a foot smaller than me and had his oh-so infamous ‘moobs.’ Twenty minutes later we were calling him an ambulance because he was paraletic. He had to have his stomach pumped that night. 

The best thing about teenage life by far is when you get to Hyde Park on a Sunday afternoon just when the grass has been cut, you smell in the new lawn, sit down with the sun pouring all over you, bared legged waiting for people with your ipod in and a rollie in hand because your like: shit the guy I fancy is on the way, I look alright and I’m probadly gonna be in shit later because I should be doing my 2000 word coursework right now for tomorrow.. BUT instead I’m here and it all melts away.

Dancing drunk, the thump the thump of the speaker bump. You just winding around drunk and you don’t care and everybody around you is another person you can dance with and your whisking around and your dress is swaying and the songs keep coming in the form of a truely good playlist. And you know all the words and your throat hurts so bad you can’t sing but you keep going and your so hot and once you get outside into the cold of the night, you get the ringing in your ears and the analysis of the night on the way home with the songs still stuck in your head."

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Two fab friends are hosting a groovy night this Bank holiday Friday at Macbeth in Hoxton Street. A night of bubbles of fun.... come for a boogie woogie. Check out the website.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Little Red Riding Hood


This image of a old lady asleep was taken on my way home on the train, just before midnight. The deep expression from the woman’s aged face captivated me as I wondered who she was, where was she from, and most of all, where was she on her way to? Five minutes after this photo was taken, her alarm clock went off, she instantly woke up to turn off the alarm clock before opening a packet of cigarettes to lit one up aboard the train carriage. Much to the other passengers’ amusement, everyone stood by amazed by her illegal action. Unfortunately I had no time to take my camera and capture all this, the next stop was my stop... I wonder where she is now?